Skip bins are large waste containers that are useful when you are cleaning out an office, renovating your house or completing a landscaping project. They come in various sizes to meet just about any need you might have, but when you are about to rent one, it may pay off to know some of the rules of skip bin hiring. So if you follow these tips, you can help ensure that your skip bin hire goes without a hitch.

Pay Attention To What You Can Throw In the Bin -- Most skip bin hire companies have restrictions on the type of waste you can throw into their bins, and if you don't observe these rules, you will have to pay a hefty fee. For example, nearly all skip bin hire companies prohibit you from throwing any type of oil, petrol, grease, paint thinner, paint, pesticide or herbicide into their bins. In fact, anything liquid is typically not permitted inside the skip bin, though some companies will rent you bin liners if you tell them in advance that you want to throw away bottles of soda or water. You are also not permitted to throw away any electronic waste or batteries.

Think About Renting a Mobile Skip Bin -- Skip bins come in two styles, a fixed bin, which is placed by the delivery company and can't be moved until the delivery driver returns to pick up the bin, or mobile style, which is a skip bin on wheels that you can move. Unless you are certain that the location where you have chosen to place a fixed skip bin is ideal for efficient waste dumping, you may want to rent a mobile skip bin. Mobile bins are also allowed on sidewalks, but a fixed skip bin can only be placed on a sidewalk if you obtain a permit. Mobile skip bins are towed to your location, because they have wheels, and because they tend to be smaller in size, which is their one limitation.

Consider Renting A Bin With Doors -- Standard skip bins don't have doors, which means that the only way to get rid of waste is to lift it up and dump it into the container. But if you want a more flexible type of skip bin, you should consider renting a skip bin that has doors that open outward and allow you to roll up a dolly or wheelbarrow right into the bin, which can not only speed up your dumping, but also allows people with less strength to be able to use the bin, since they don't have to lift boxes to dump them into the bin.

For more information on renting a skip bin, contact a rubbish removal company.