Carpets provide a comfortable underfoot feel that no other flooring material can deliver in the same capability. Apart from their high levels of comfort, carpets also convey aesthetically pleasant appeal to any room. But they need proper maintenance to retain their pristine appearance, especially if you have pets in your home. Carpet steam cleaning every once in a while will clean your carpets thoroughly, but you must undertake some regular cautionary steps to protect your carpets from your pet. 

Dry Your Pet's Paws Before It Comes Into the Home 

Make sure you dry your pet's paws before it comes into your home to prevent mud and debris from dropping and integrating into your carpet fibres. Dirt stains will create unsightly stains on your carpets that will be difficult to remove even with the best carpet steam cleaning methods. Keep a towel or cloth next to your door to clean your pet's paws –– wiping the paws is a simple way to prevent dirt and stains from embedding themselves into your carpet. Keep following this process and your pet will come to expect it without feeling irritated.  

Plan a Tiled Entryway Before the Carpet Area Begins 

Installing floor tiles at the entrances of doorways will provide an excellent barrier between outdoor elements and indoor features. This is because it gives your pet an opportunity to shake off mud, grass and dirt from its body so that it doesn't end up staining your carpet. You can install tiled entryways for different doors and in between rooms to prevent paw prints from damaging your carpet. Dirt, stains and prints on tiled floors can be wiped away with the least amount of effort, but stains on carpets require far more intensive cleaning methods. 

Place Rugs and Carpet Runners in Your Pet's Favourite Areas 

If your pet has a special spot on the carpet that it likes to sit on, then place a rug or carpet runner to protect your core carpet from getting soaked with pet urine or faeces –– especially if your pet is not yet trained. These smaller rugs and carpet runners can be easily put in the washing machine for deep cleaning, but your core carpet will need far more time-consuming cleaning efforts. 

Use Pet-Safe Carpet Cleaners for Regular Cleaning 

While it is always a smart idea to undertake carpet steam cleaning every once in a while, you will need to use some spray carpet cleaners for regular maintenance between each steam cleaning session. Using pet-safe cleaners will ensure that your pet's health is not compromised while you clean the carpets regularly. Pet-safe cleaners are usually found at home improvement stores with a clear indication that they are safe to use around pets. 

While carpet steam cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a pristine carpet with pets around, these cautionary steps will keep your carpets hygienic between each steam cleaning session.