As a parent, stress over things like your child's tantrums or relationships is expected. The last thing you expect to get stressed about is something as simple as buying a carpet! With this simple guide, you don't have to be. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the right carpet for your little one's room.

Grand Design: Considering Colour and Pattern Your carpet should go with your child's room design, but it doesn't have to be a perfect match. A pink-walled room doesn't necessarily need a pink carpet. Instead, opt for a more neutral colour that complements the décor. Neutral colours grow with your child and allow for multiple room redesigns. While cream and beige are tempting, darker browns and greys are far better at masking inevitable dirtiness. Marbled and patterned carpets have the same effect, so consider which option works best for the room.

Creature Comforts: Considering Cosiness Children are sensitive little critters from head to toe, so they need something warm and comfortable to walk on. While carpet is cosier than wood flooring, not all carpets are equally comfortable. Looped pile carpets have a great texture but they're not the softest option. A cut pile material like wool, cotton or polyester will offer a much comfier experience for tiny toes. 

Not to Be Sneezed At: Considering Health It's not just children's feet that are sensitive – their skin and respiratory systems are fragile too. If your child has allergies, avoid plush and woollen carpets. Longer pile and natural materials are a perfect place for bacteria and allergens to set up home, aggravating your child's system. Instead, choose synthetic blends like nylon and polyester to keep away moisture, mildew and moths.

Wear and Tear: Considering Lifespan Children spend a lot of time in their rooms, especially as they grow older. If you want to avoid tearing up and laying down carpets every year, make sure you choose a carpet with a long life span. Synthetic fibres like polyester are resistant to wear and unravelling, while wool is particularly short lasting.

Clean Slate: Considering Cleanliness Children are notoriously mucky – sometimes they're even worse than pets! You're sure to need a carpet cleaning service during the floor's lifetime, but you can minimise the amount of cleaning needed by choosing a mess-resistant material. Sheepskin and plush carpets may be warm, cosy and gorgeous, but they're a nightmare to clean. Nylon carpets are ideal for stain-resistance and they respond well to carpet cleaners' techniques. However, nylon is easily bleached by pee, so you may want to avoid it as a choice for younger children.