If you've had your carpets cleaned before, you will know that it's perfectly normal for them to feel a little bit damp afterward. The cleaners will have suggested that you refrain from walking through the room in question for a certain period of time, simply to allow your carpets to dry properly. Your carpets should not feel like they're soaking wet after a professional cleaning, and any carpet service company worth their salt will not allow this to happen. Having said that, despite their best efforts, there might be issues beyond their control that prevent your carpets from drying properly. So what should you look out for? And what can you do to stop it?

Quick Action

The majority of water and other liquids used during carpet cleaning will be sucked back into the machine, leaving only a minimal amount on your actual carpets. If your carpets still feel overly wet after the recommended waiting time has gone by, then you will need to take action.

  • Ventilate the room as much as possible. Allow air to circulate and sunlight to enter the room (if possible).
  • Contact the carpet cleaning company. Ask if they're able to return to suck the excess water out of the carpets. They might also be able to provide you with a dehumidifier that will extract moisture from the room.

Under the Carpet

Do you know what your carpet underlay is made from? Some types of underlay are better suited for carpet cleaning than others. Some types of foam or felt underlay can soak up a certain amount of water, meaning that drying the carpets can be a very difficult job indeed. It might be necessary to lift up your carpets so that the underlay can dry. This is a very unlikely scenario, although you need to be mindful of any water that might be soaked up by your carpet underlay. Beware of water stains that seem to emerge from the carpet without warning. Also pay attention to any musty smells that might appear in the room. If the underlay remains damp, then your carpet might become damaged, and replacement carpet laying might be necessary. So how can you avoid these problems under your carpet?

  • Identify the type of underlay in your home. You can lift up a corner of the carpet to inspect underneath. If you can't tell foam underlay from felt or sponge rubber, then you can ask the carpet cleaners to look for you. This allows them to do the best possible job.

Carpets that are overly wet after professional cleaning are not a regular occurrence, and fortunately, it's not such a difficult problem to fix.