If you have a small stain on a sofa or on the living room drapes, you may be able to use a stain remover and get that spot out quickly and easily. However, for very large stains, or for fabric items that are just overall dirty and dingy, it's best to leave that cleaning job to the professionals. Note why it's good to call an upholstery cleaning company for fabric items in your home, so you know those items will always look their best.

Water and dry time

If you use too much water on a fabric piece, and don't extract that water properly or dry the item quickly, this may allow mildew to grow. Furniture especially can hold water in the foam and other materials under the upholstery, which can then encourage mildew growth.

Using too much water on fabrics like wool can mean having them shrink or stretch out of shape, so that your drapes no longer hang straight from the rod, or your furniture pieces have obvious shrunken patches. A professorial will know how much water to use for cleaning, and how to extract that water, so your pieces don't become misshapen and don't allow mildew to form.

Harmful chemicals

To get out tough spots and stains, you may need to use strong chemicals; however, these may become harmful to your family or pets if they're too strong. If fumes get trapped in the house, or those chemicals are not rinsed away properly, this might cause breathing difficulties and skin sensitivities. A professional will know which chemicals to use for stubborn spots, and how much, so that the pieces get clean while you and your family are also protected.


Don't assume that cleaning your furniture and drapery is all that's needed to make those items smell good; cleaning can remove odours, but not always. Those pieces may need an added deodorizer in addition to the cleaning, to remove actual odours from pet stains, mildew, and the like.

Cleaning undersides

It's good to always clean the bottom of the furniture and the backside of drapes, not just the front or visible areas. However, the underside of furniture may be made of a liner that keeps dust away from the upholstery, and the backside of drapes may be made with an insulating panel for added darkness when the curtains are closed. A professional cleaner will know how to clean all sides of furniture and all parts of drapes and curtains, no matter their design and material, so everything is thoroughly cleaned.