Carpeted floors are aesthetically appealing and flexible materials for many different premises. Like any other floor, they encounter heavy usage over time and need to be regularly cleaned. A common mistake that most people do when cleaning their carpets is to directly use wet carpet cleaning methods before they carry out proper vacuuming.

Solids such as soil and dust are among the major dirt components of carpets. Therefore, overlooking solid dirt during the cleaning process can damage the material and make your carpets lose their shine.

Common Carpet cleaning mistakes

Use of too much water before vacuuming

Most people are too quick to rush for water and detergent before they properly vacuum their carpet. Washing a soiled carpet with water only makes things worse, because the dirt becomes mud, and mud is harder to remove. Overuse of water also works towards reducing the lifespan of your carpeted floor and the overall cleanliness of your home.

Vacuuming too quickly

Most people tend to rush the vacuuming process. When vacuum cleaners are quickly used to brush over the carpet, they often end up scratching the carpet fibres. A quick and careless vacuuming process only depletes the look of your carpet and results in permanent damages over a short period of time.

Overusing soap

Homeowners and other carpet cleaning services tend to use too much soap in an attempt to clean a heavily soiled carpet. Too much soap not only makes it harder to rinse the carpet, but the remaining soap residue can also attract dirt particles and make the carpet appear dull.

Proper Vacuuming Techniques for the carpet

Any reputable carpet cleaning service will know that proper vacuuming is the key towards maintaining a shiny and clean carpet. To keep your carpet clean and polished, pay attention to the following tips:

Vacuum in both directions

Most people make the mistake of vacuuming only in one direction. This may simply move dirt and dust from one area of the carpet to another. Make sure you vacuum in all possible directions to ensure the vacuum cleaner picks up all the soil and dirt particles that are present on the carpet.

It is helpful to clear the carpeted area of furniture and other items so the vacuum cleaner can have enough space to move around.

Get to the tight corners

There is a reason why most vacuum cleaners come with a crevice tool. It is meant for those hard to each areas of the carpet, such as corners and other hidden spots. Use this tool to access hidden areas so they don't serve as hiding spots for dust accumulation.

Keep an eye on the vacuum bag

Vacuuming with an almost full bag will reduce the efficiency of the machine. Make sure your bag is always at least half empty whenever you vacuum your carpet.