Garbage chutes are large tubes that are used to move garbage from several areas into a common collection point. The tube is attached to the building, and a tray is installed on each level through which users dispose of the trash. Once one drops their garbage into the tray, it travels down and lands in a dumpster at the lowest part of the building. Chutes are commonly installed in buildings with more than one level, and they offer great convenience in waste disposal and collection. Here are some primary reasons why garbage chutes make an ideal rubbish collection option for residential buildings.

Convenient waste disposal

Most households struggle with the issue of garbage disposal and deciding whose turn it is to take out the trash. Well, with a chute in your building, these problems become a thing of the past. All one has to do is put their trash in a bin liner, access the tray on their level and dump the garbage in the chute. There is no more walking down the stairs to place the trash where the collection guys will see it. This can promote great convenience in your building and even make your property attractive to potential tenants.

Better pest control

When people are left to stay with trash in their homes until the pickup day, the garbage can accumulate and attract bacteria, roaches, rats and other pests. Unfortunately, these pests will not just be confined to the affected home. They can spread fast and infest the entire building within a short time. A garbage chute allows occupants to dispose of their trash as soon as it is generated. Since the waste is disposed of in a common area and collected regularly, you don't have to worry about pest infestation. What's more, you can install an automated cleaning system that flushes and sanitizes the entire chute regularly to keep away bacteria and pests.

Savings on building maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a residential building is not a cheap task. Without a practical waste collection system in place, you will find overfilled bills and garbage dotting the stairway. This will force you to spend more money on cleaning the building, sanitizing and controlling pests. What's more, it can create a strained relationship between you and the tenants as you regularly warn them about improper waste disposal methods. A chute can save you money on cleaning the property. With all the waste being collected at a central place, your stairways and corridors will be cleaner and more sanitary as well.

Buy a garbage chute for your residential building today and enjoy convenient, affordable and efficient waste collection.