An attempt to clean rugs by yourself is tiresome and could end up damaging the rug. Professional rug cleaning services on the other hand, provide gentle and effective cleaning for your rugs.

While cleaning at home may lead to significant cost cuts, it exposes the rugs to a variety of dangers. The following is an outline of reasons why one should not compromise the quality of their rug and instead seek professional rug cleaning services.

Carpet Type

Most do-it-yourself tutorials and methods fail to recognize the diversity and unique features of each type of rug. Rug cleaning requires that the cleaner determines the materials used in making the rug and use such data to recommend the appropriate cleaning method. When cleaned appropriately, the rug is safe from damages resulting from the cleaning and drying process.

Dirt Type

Every type of dirt requires a specific cleaning method, yet most non-professional cleaners insist on using water and foam for every application. Professional rug cleaning includes a diagnosis of the carpet's primary contaminant and hence the determination of the appropriate cleaning method. The most common types of dirt in rugs used by Australians include mud, dust, oil, sand, and different types of particulate matter depending on the area of use.


Rug cleaning should go beyond restoration of aesthetic qualities and making the carpet appear as though it were new. A rug should be cleaned in such a manner that the contaminants are removed, and its hygiene is maintained. Consequently, the home or office becomes a hygienic place thus preventing sickness and allergies resulting from unclean rugs. Rug cleaning services incorporate the use of chemicals that are friendly to the environment and children.

Water and Odor Removal

The smell of freshly cleaned rugs can be assuring but irritating at the same time. Professional rug cleaners have perfected methods of removing the odor from the rug. A rug also needs to have the right PH balance for the safety of your floors, the residents, and the rug. Moist rugs can be breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi which could be a significant health hazard.

When professional rug cleaners are done, they restore the softness and cleanliness of the carpet as well as the moisture balance that deters the growth of any microorganisms.

Professional rug cleaning services are advantageous over conventional methods because they recognize the need for specialized cleaning based on the type of dirt and rug, they restore hygiene, remove water, and odor.